Staying with us


Our Retreat will not be open and ready for  paying guests for around another year.

However we are going to start welcoming people onto the land to stay throughout the project, so please if you are interested just contact us on;



Throughout the Project we will have different workers and volunteers helping us with the project. We will of course provide accommodation, depending on what stage of the project you arrive, there will be an option of tents, hammocks or a bed. Food will also be provided for any Volunteers on our project!!!

If you want to find out more about Volunteering please check out our ‘Community’ page.


Things to do

There are a bunch of things to do here, within a 10 minute walk from the farm you’ll find;

Beautiful trek-able mountains, a huge reservoir which you can go fishing, jumping of stuff into the lake!

If you take a short trip on your motorbike you will also find;

2 more even bigger reservoirs, more mountains, waterfalls and some beautiful ancient Cham Towers.

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