Cat Lam is a commune in Phu Cat district with an area of ̣69.55 km², with a population of 7,152 people. It is a commune in the mountainous district. I have grown up in Cam Lam with a peaceful childhood, this area is associated with the field of buffaloes.

Like many other families, the main income of my family is breeding and farming. There is not much opportunity apart from farming here, with very little education available.

With this land you will feel really peaceful with mountains and forests with rivers. The people here are honest and very friendly.

I really love the land, when I was young I thought that in the future I would make this land known to many people, I met two friends Jonny and Connor, who wanted to help me turn my idea into reality, so we decided to build Maraki Gardens.

Written by Thinh Tran

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