our story

Jonny and Connor have known each other through living and working together in Melbourne, Australia.  Jonny worked as a chef and Connor as a bartender.  After leaving Australia Jonny designed menus and worked in two hostels in Quy Nhon Vietnam for 3 months at the start of 2017,  he then left to continue his travels. At this time Thinh was managing Nhon Hai Beach Hostel just outside of Quy Nhon.

Connor and Jonny moved to Quy Nhon to begin a career in teaching English  at the end of 2017.  After a month of living in Quy Nhon they moved out to Nhon Hai this is where Connor met Thinh.

Jonny had known Thinh from the year before and they briefly touched upon ideas for a restaurant.

This year after spending everyday together they built upon this idea and decided they wanted to build a retreat instead of just a restaurant, that incorporates their passions, cooking, teaching and self – sustainability.

Thinh took Connor and Jonny  to his home in Cat Lam for a few days, he then showed them land near by that he owns, this is when ‘Meraki Gardens’ began.

Connor Williams

"Hi, I'm Connor Williams, I am 25 years old and i am from London. I have lived overseas for 2 years now, 6 months in Vietnam, where I developed my passion for education and self sustainability."

Jonathan Cairns

"Hi, I am Jonathan Cairns, I am 28 and i am from Belfast. For the past 5 years I have been travelling for work and leisure. I have worked in various kitchen environments and I am now confident enough to put my own plans in action."

Thinh Tran

"Hi, I am Thinh Tran, I am 27 years old and I am from Vietnam. Born and raised in Cat Lam, Phu Cat, I spent my childhood on this farm and the beauty surrounded. My aspiration is to turn this into a home for all."

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