Our 1 year plan

Our plan broken down.

0-4 months

As we await for the current Peanut harvest to finish, we are right now creating our plans to put in motion; We have already tidied the land ready for step 1, planting fruit, veg and crops, step 2 building pathways, step 3 renovating the house, step 4 building ponds.


4-8 months

This is our most crucial time period; structurally we plan to dig out and put in the ponds, build accommodation, private rooms and dorms, build the communal areas and restaurant. We also plan to start building our amenities, our English Language programme will start here, we will plan and design the space for our Music Studio and allocate a space for the Teaching of English on site. We will also build our ‘exercise area’.

8-12 months

The final steps; Structurally, we plan to build a volleyball area and a swimming pool, also the finishing designs needed (identified at the time). Prepare for opening, stock the hostel, allocate job roles between volunteers and workers, menu designs, final set up of all amenities.

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