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Community Presence

When we though of the idea for this Retreat we agreed that our main objective would be to add to this community.

So we will be providing free Education and workshops out of our retreat to all locals and guests, this will include a weekly schedule of English lessons taught by Workers/Volunteers.

We also plan to run a number of workshops out of our Retreat all open to locals, guests volunteers etc.. so far these include; Yoga Workshops, Fire stick spinning Workshops, Art workshops.

Our spaces will be open for the use of any kind of workshop or activity for all guests at our Retreat.

Community Donations

As we are a community, we would love any help from anyone wanting to add; we would love to build up a collection of items from people all over the world to decorate our Retreat.

Art, furniture, letters, photos.. Our aim is to decorate our Retreat with stories so please anything you have and would like to donate just email us at.

Help the project

If you would like to find out more information about getting involved please do get in touch either by our workaway, emails or social media below!!

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