Meraki Gardens

Doing something with Soul, Creativity or Love.

wHAT IS meraki gardens?

A retreat with 2 simples concepts Self-sustainability and Education; Our retreat will be built in the farming village of Cát Lâm, Phù Cát.

Eco Living – Our Retreat will run itself off the land (self-sustainability), we will continue the farming traditions of this land and grow crops, fruit and vegetables, have live stock and ponds for fish to be used in our Retreat.

Education – We will run all kinds of Education out of our Retreat, we will provide free English Language lessons to all locals run initially by Connor and Jonny, as our team grows of workers and Volunteers grow as will our teaching. We will allow our spaces to be used for all kinds of Teaching.

watch the video for a further insight.


We are 3 guys in our 20’s who met each other travelling the world, with  different dreams and ideas, together we have collaborated and combined our thoughts into a project that will hold a part of our Soul, Love and Creativity.

Please look at 'our story' to get to know us.


Cát Lâm, Phù Cát, Bình Định Province, Vietnam.

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